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After papers were signed today, the controversial off-field Chelsea transaction was confirmed.



Chelsea has announced that they have sold a portion of its training facility to a business connected to Todd Boehly.

The information supports the theory that Chelsea has essentially sold a portion of the Cobham complex to itself in order to improve its financial fair play position, as was suggested last week.

Now, a Companies House update has verified the sale, as reported by financial analyst Stefan Borson on Twitter. This is going to be another contentious example of the club trying to circumvent the Premier League’s spending regulations.

According to a Companies House update, which financial expert Stefan Borson tweeted, the transaction has now been confirmed. This will be yet another controversial instance of the team attempting to evade the Premier League’s spending restrictions.

This might be important given that the Premier League is implementing new financial anchoring and squad cost management measures.

Chelsea supporters may be happy with this most recent development, as some estimations suggest that the club may be over £200 million above the threshold based on their most recent set of finances.

A sizeable percentage, nonetheless, would also feel uneasy about the club trading away a section of its permanent infrastructure in order to get around PSR regulations.

The agreement comes after it was disclosed that Chelsea also sold Blueco 22 two on-site hotels at Stamford Bridge for a sum of £76 million, citing a similar FFP-related rationale.

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