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After their last league game against Sevilla, Barca scheduled to play another end-of-season friendly. It appears, though, that their intentions to do so have been derailed.



The Blaugrana had started negotiations with a South Korean organizer to arrange the event and were searching for another €4-5 million friendly in Seoul, South Korea. The goal was to play a friendly against FC Seoul on May 30 or 31, but the endeavor has been challenging due to their league obligations on May 28 and June 3. Barcelona would have lost some of its stars due to the possibility that certain players would have been away on international duty by then, which would have decreased the amount they would have been paid. MD claims that Barcelona was compelled to abandon its plans.

Barcelona traveled to Dallas, Texas earlier in the season to play a friendly following their 2023 season finale against America. In the past, they have also played friendlies with Boca Juniors, Vissel Kobe, and an Australian XI throughout the middle and end of the season.

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