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Manchester United

After waiting all season, Erik ten Hag claims that two Man United players have finally given him what he’s been praying for.



As Manchester United prepares for the FA Cup Final, manager Erik ten Hag is a very happy guy.

The lows with Manchester United are very heartbreaking. On the other hand, sometimes all it takes is one victory to restore optimism.

Manchester United has only won twice during the international break, most recently in a 3-2 triumph against Newcastle over the week.

Most importantly, it has cheered everyone up at the club just when it needed to, demonstrating that they can win a major game.

The likes of Sofyan Amrabat and Amad’s performances contributed to Manchester United’s optimism and buoyancy.

Starting the match, both players made a serious push for the starting spot in the FA Cup Final.

Erik ten Hag expressed his gratitude to the players for providing him with a pleasant selection problem during a news conference.

The manager declared: “There is internal rivalry.” To start, I think they do a good job. Their development during the season has been excellent for both, and they now have a luxury [selection] problem because they took their chance and earned it.

That’s what I’ve been waiting so long for—what I need.

In actuality, this is the luxury problem I’ve been waiting for the entire season. To win both [the Brighton and Manchester City] games, we need a strong team.

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