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Arsenal take solid moves to capture the £50 million Emirates opportunity.



Arsenal is taking dramatic steps to capitalize on a commercial market estimated to be worth £50 million per season.

Arsenal’s revenue was the sixth-highest in the Premier League in 2022-23, the last season for which financial data is available.

They produced a total of £467 million, with broadcast and sponsorship/merchandise sales accounting for more than three-quarters of that amount.

Matchday income was the smallest of the club’s three major revenue streams, at £103 million.

However, the money they produced via the turnstiles at the Emirates trailed behind Manchester United and Tottenham in the Premier League.

And the most recent news from N5 suggests that the club intends to push the envelope even farther in this area.

Arsenal announces a widespread crackdown on ticket touts.
According to the London Standard, Arsenal has banned 20,000 members and 54 season ticket holders in an effort to dissuade ticket touts.

According to BBC Sport last year, industry analysts Iridium Consultancy estimate that ticket hawking generates more than £50 million in revenue throughout the division.

Arsenal, given their location in London and popularity as a tourist attraction, have been among the clubs most targeted by touts.

The change has been widely welcomed by supporters, who have grown dissatisfied with those attempting to take the most cash for tickets purchased at face value.

In the long run, with Premier League clubs boosting ticket prices at a quicker rate than inflation, Arsenal will most likely be able to charge slightly more.

Arsenal income will top £500 million.
When Arsenal releases their accounts for 2023-24, they will report that overall revenue has surpassed £500 million for the first time.

New commercial arrangements with Sobha Realty and the activation of a renewal with principal sponsor Emirates will increase their revenue, as will their return to the Champions Leagu
Owner Stan Kroenke, who has recently delegated day-to-day management to son Josh, has generally preferred a long-term strategy to running the club.

Essentially, they have lived within their means.

He has deviated slightly from that concept in recent years, allowing a net recruitment spend of about £300 million since 2022-23, but PSR rules require the club to increase turnover before spending big again.

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