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Manchester City

As Arsenal hopes for a miracle, Chris Sutton has just predicted the outcome of Manchester City vs. West Ham.



On the last day of the season, when Manchester City plays West Ham United, Arsenal supporters are praying for a miracle.

Arsenal still has a slim opportunity to beat Manchester City to the top place in the Premier League championship battle, which is expected to go right down to the wire.

Arguably, Manchester City is the world’s best team.

It seems quite possible that Pep Guardiola’s team will win a fourth Premier League title on Sunday, having previously won three in a row.

The reigning champions have played 37 Premier League games and amassed 88 points. Arsenal, on the other hand, has won the same number of games as its championship opponents, but they have 86 points. For Manchester City, the situation is straightforward: if they defeat West Ham United, they will reclaim the title.

Should they forfeit and Arsenal triumph over Everton, the championship will be decided at the Emirates Stadium.

While Chris Sutton’s son thinks West Ham will upset Arsenal on Sunday at the Etihad Stadium, Arsenal supporters are praying for the latter.

The expert, though, has offered an entirely different forecast that Arsenal supporters will not approve of.

“My son James thinks West Ham are going to win at Etihad Stadium, but he’s wrong,” he posted on BBC Sport. The same is true for Legend’s forecast, and it makes sense to me why he doesn’t have much success on Gladiators.

“City has faced defeat on the last day of four of their seven Premier League victories, and they were behind by at least one goal in three of them.

“This one will be different, as I don’t just think City will win; I think they’ll finish it early and win the Premier League record four times in a row without any drama on the final day.”

“I just feel a bit sorry for West Ham boss David Moyes because this is his final game in charge and it could not be any more difficult,” Sutton said, gushing more about Manchester City.

Then Sutton confidently claimed that Manchester City will win 5-0.

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