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Blues might get an unexpected transfer boon when a £130 million deal is offered. Todd Boehly’s endorsement



Blues is still reaping the rewards of a five-year-old transfer agreement.

As part of their agreement to transfer Eden Hazard to Real Madrid back in 2019, Chelsea is expected to get £5 million.

Five years ago, the Belgian winger was acquired by the Blues in a package deal worth £130 million, which included an estimated £88 million upfront payment as well as add-ons worth over £40 million.

Real Madrid’s run to the Champions League final this year triggered the most recent of those incentives, guaranteeing Chelsea will continue to reap the benefits of this deal even after Hazard’s departure was negotiated.

Although Hazard’s contract with Los Blancos was terminated last summer, the conditions of his transfer are still in effect, guaranteeing Mauricio Pochettino’s team of receiving the most recent payment, which is valued at £5 million.

This is in line with The Telegraph, who claim that the transfer deal’s add-ons consisted of attainable extras like Madrid qualifying for a big European final.

Hazard played for the Spanish powerhouses for just 76 games in four seasons as a result of injury problems and poor play that sent him down the rankings.

The 33-year-old faced harsh criticism after it was alleged that he showed up to his first preseason game overweight. He later denied the rumor. He said, “That was true,” on the Obi One Podcast. However, I used to gain four or five kg every summer because I reasoned that you give so much for ten months, push your body to the limit, and then people reject you, so your downtime is just that—your downtime.

Please don’t ask me for anything. Please don’t expect me to run during those three or four weeks; I prefer spending time with my family and going to the beach. I have no difficulty playing football with my kids on the beach, but please don’t ask me to run.

“However, if you look at my career, the first month of the season is when I felt like it was just getting started. From September and October, on the other hand, I was flying because I needed that time to prepare my body and mind for the best possible outcome.

“Yeah, it’s true that I gained five kilograms after the holidays, and I knew it.” With family and friends, I adore everything. When you ask me to eat anything, I will comply. I’m going to eat it even if I don’t like it! I’m not saying you I used to drink every day because that’s untrue, but as Belgian guys, we love beer and occasionally having a few after a good game is pleasant. My nation has the best beers in the world.

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