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Breaking News; The manner in which Chelsea disclosed the sale of their Cobham Training Ground has been disclosed by a former football finance advisor. Read More-



Reports suggest that Chelsea may have resorted to inventive means to circumvent Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) prior to the end of the season.

Since Todd Boehly took over in 2022, the Blues have spent more than €1 billion on transfer fees, making them the most expensive club in the world.

The Blues, who finished 12th in the Premier League the previous season and are currently placed seventh with two games remaining in 2023–24, show that their incredible expenditure has not translated into success. Chelsea announced in March that it had lost £90 million before taxes for the fiscal year that ended in June 2023, following a loss of £121.4 million the year before.

This sparked concerns about the club’s ability to adhere to Premier League and UEFA financial regulations following a season in which Nottingham Forest and Everton were docked points for PSR violations.

According to recent reports from Stefan Borson, the former finance advisor for Manchester City, Chelsea has “tried to sell (or have actually sold) their Cobham Training Ground to themselves (ie intra-group.)”

He clarified on Twitter, “Their lawyers applied to register this dealing in early February (after the window creaked shut).”

Chelsea’s confidence in their 23/24 PSR seems to be predicated on the intra-group accounting profit exceeding the anticipated operating loss of almost £200 million.

In addition to posting an application inquiry from February, Borson also included some questions.

Has the PL given it their approval? he wrote. Is Cobham really going to make over £100m to £150m in FMV profit? Furthermore, since Chelsea Training Ground Limited was dissolved in 2015, raising the possibility of a bona vacantia issue, was the property lawfully held in any case? additional sales as well?” The revelation follows The Athletic’s David Ornstein’s claim that Chelsea was “confident” that they wouldn’t need to make any further sales before June 30 in order to avoid PSR violations in 2023–2024.

“Is this why Chelsea has told Ornstein they no longer need to sell before 30 June 2024?” asked Borson.

Chelsea’s season ends on Sunday at home against Bournemouth, after they travel to Brighton on Wednesday.

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