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BREAKING NEWS; Why the shocking management change at Chelsea should cause the fans to lose it



Two years and two weeks into Chelsea’s post-Abramovich era, we’ve learned a lot about the consortium’s business practices, which are summed up as follows: when they see something shiny, they just have to buy it, and when they see their own foot, they just have to try to shoot it.

It is now more reasonable to conclude the latter as The Guardian revealed that Chelsea is thinking of firing head coach Mauricio Pochettino after just one season in charge, with Kieran McKenna of Ipswich Town being considered as a potential successor. While there’s no reason to question McKenna’s managerial abilities or argue that he doesn’t deserve a prestigious Premier League position, it appears like firing Pochettino would be a self-destructive move.

Pochettino has previously disclosed that he dined with Boehly on Friday night, before to Chelsea’s five-game winning streak against Bournemouth on the last day. The Argentine gave off the impression that he was quite optimistic about the outcome of the meal and the performance evaluation the team was doing; he seemed like the kind of guy who would shrug off news of his own dismissal.

Pochettino and his superiors have always seemed to have a slightly tense relationship, with influence over transfer decisions being something of a sticking point. Conor Gallagher was kept by Chelsea in order to appease the manager (and fans), but they seem to be trying to sell him this summer. Additionally, the former Tottenham Hotspur manager hasn’t exactly built the best relationship with the fans in the stands.

While some managers may have overtly insulted the owners or supporters, Pochettino has always been polite by nature, therefore it was notable that he chose not to participate in the post-season “lap of appreciation” around Stamford Bridge. He gave the explanation that he was hauled away by the press office of the club. Perhaps there was nothing exceptional at all, and he has accepted the taunts with grace—the loudest of which came during the 2-2 draw with Brentford in March.

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