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Fans are unaware of the seriousness of Chelsea’s problems, therefore the pair will miss the season’s final games.



Chelsea supporters had plenty to cheer about in terms of injuries last week when Reece James, Christopher Nkunku, and Malo Gusto all returned to action.  Lesley Ugochukwu was even on the bench during the Saturday matchup with Nottingham Forest, having been sidelined for some time.

On that front, things are truly starting to come together, despite the fact that Ben Chilwell and Carney Chukwuemeka’s current whereabouts are still a mystery. We can quite safely declare that they have played their final game of the season with just one week remaining and no new updates on their status from the manager. 

Chukwuemeka and Chilwell have been the main casualties of Chelsea’s enigmatic persistent injury problem this year. Each suffered a rather serious injury that caused them to miss a large portion of the campaign. But since their return, the true issue has emerged.

Chilwell missed action from the end of September to the beginning of January. He had just made his way back into the team with a string of ninety-minute outings in March when he abruptly vanished once more following an untimely call-up for international service. Although we’ve been anticipating his comeback for some time, we haven’t heard anything firm, so his projected return date has only slipped further and farther out of reach, to the point where we don’t think he’ll play in either of the two games left.      Chukwuemeka’s experience is similar in that he sustained an injury in the fall that prevented him from playing until the new year, played a few minutes here and there, and then vanished once more in April.

We’ve actually been kept in the dark about their current situation and status in both cases. Right now, all we really have to say is that it’s doubtful we’ll see them again this season.

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