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Jurgen Klopp discusses the position he still holds at Liverpool FC in a heartfelt address.



Jurgen Klopp’s passion for the club was confirmed on Tuesday, and he will continue to be an ambassador for the LFC Foundation after leaving.

Klopp will shortly leave Merseyside as a permanent resident, having spent his final days in the area following his departure as Liverpool manager.

The 56-year-old did so under unusual circumstances, choosing to go rather than being driven out, allowing for an emotional farewell at Anfield and then, on Tuesday, the M&S Bank Arena.

During an hour-long Q&A session in front of 11,000 fans, Klopp highlighted his time at the club, how he transformed the culture, and underlined his reasons for leaving.

While Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool has come to an end, he will remain an ambassador for the club and its LFC Foundation.

“I received the key to the city, and it represents far more than you may imagine.

“It’s incredible, absolutely incredible, because we’ve learned so much about each other over the years, but I’m still German.”

“I spent nine years in England, and we don’t do these types of things [in Germany]. To obtain the key to the city, I’m not sure what you have to accomplish in Germany, but it’s more than simply coaching the football team.

“It means a lot and it comes with responsibility, and I love to live this responsibility as much as we can.”

Klopp’s involvement as an ambassador for the LFC Foundation will definitely lead to appearances at specific events, and possibly even as part of LFC Legends. His immediate intentions include semi-retirement and enjoying time with his family, with no current plans to return to management.

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