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Manager does not view 20-year-old Chelsea target as ‘part of his ambitions’ in significant transfer boost for Blues.



Unai Emery is willing to allowing Chelsea target Jhon Duran leave Aston Villa.

Chelsea’s pursuit of Jhon Duran has got a huge boost when Ben Jacobs revealed that Unai Emery does not expect the 20-year-old striker to return to Aston Villa next season and may allow him to leave in the summer.

Chelsea may push to sign Duran, since they are currently in active talks with the player’s side. He appears to be an ideal striker who can compete with Nicolas Jackson for the number nine spot.

Duran had a disappointing season because Emery hardly utilized him, preferring Ollie Watkins, the former Villarreal manager. Given the limited minutes on the pitch, the Colombian striker may be willing to leave Villa if Chelsea continues to pursue his signature.
“But the move is appealing to more than just the player. Unai Emery does not view Duran as part of his plans, which is another critical piece of the puzzle, and Chelsea will attempt to capitalise on that in ongoing negotiations to try to secure a lower price.”

This boosts the Blues’ confidence in their pursuit of Jhon Duran, and they do not want to miss out on signing him. Chelsea has discovered many great players, and Duran has the potential to be one of them if given more playing time. However, various variables must be considered before signing another young player, especially given the club’s current young center-forward.


Balancing the team’s experience and young is critical. Chelsea must guarantee that adding Duran does not impede the development of their current players. Furthermore, they must determine whether he can quickly adhere to Enzo Maresca’s system. While the potential exists, careful thinking and strategic preparation are required to make the most of Duran’s abilities without disturbing team chemistry.

Chelsea’s recruitment method has been criticized in the past for its emphasis on youthful talent, and it appears that they are following in the same footsteps with their pursuit of Jhon Duran now. Duran, who is only 20 years old and has only played a few games last season, lacks Premier League experience. What distinguishes him is his ball-striking ability, which allows him to consistently score from tight angles.
Signing Duran may be a masterstroke or a gamble. His potential is apparent, but his lack of Premier League experience is concerning. Chelsea must carefully assess the risks and advantages. Duran, with the right growth and chances, has the potential to thrive and become a great asset. However, the club must also assess how this move fits into their larger strategy, whether it meets urgent requirements or contributes to long-term ambitions.


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