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Reece James and Conor Gallagher react to huge news recently verified by Chelsea.



Reece James and Conor Gallagher react to huge news recently verified by Chelsea.
Many people at Chelsea have been taken aback by the club’s latest announcement.

Since the new owners took over, the Blues have been willing to undergo significant transformation in all parts of the organization.

Only Reece James and Ben Chilwell remain from the team that won the Champions League three years ago.

Neil Bath, the club’s academy chief, has been a consistent presence in recent years.

After more than 30 years with the club, it was revealed that he would be leaving his position.

James and Gallagher reacted to Neil Bath’s resignation.
Several first-team players have responded to the news, including academy graduate Conor Gallagher, who told TalkSPORT:

“Neil Bath and Jim Fraser are two people I truly admire. I haven’t messaged them yet because I only recently found out. What they’ve accomplished for Chelsea’s academy is astounding. “We’ve been the best academy for the past 15 years.”

Skipper James, who also went through the academy procedure, simply wrote on his Instagram story: “Legend.”

There is now a lot of doubt and, in some cases, worry about what the academy’s future holds.

The Blues have made it clear that they are more interested at this point in signing the next big thing from around the world.

Chelsea signed Kendry Paez and Estevao Willian.
The standout addition thus far has been Kendry Paez, who demonstrated his true potential at the age of 17 during Ecuador’s recent Copa America run.

However, his quality may already be surpassed by the signing of Estevao Willian. Both players are scheduled to join the first team in 12 months.

The future for someone like Rio Ngumoha, who has also been touted to reach that level, does not look promising right now, and Chelsea may regret losing him if he does leave the club.

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