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the hope to improve VAR and “add to the drama,” Gary Lineker makes a bold suggestion.



A dramatic appeals mechanism has been suggested by Gary Lineker in response to the Premier League’s historic VAR vote.

There have been challenges in introducing video assistant refereeing (VAR) into the English Premier League. Due to many mishaps, Premier League teams are voting on whether to do away with the technology before the upcoming campaign, with Wolverhampton Wanderers leading the charge.

It is doubtful that enough votes will be cast at this point to remove VAR. Lineker does, however, have an idea that he thinks may improve VAR: a cricket-like appeals system.

The former England striker stated on the Rest is Football podcast: “I believe offside and goal-line technology should be kept, as it’s the only way out of this problem. However, I believe you should either discard the remaining portion or—more practically—take it to an appeals court.

You set a cap on how often VAR can step in. It needs an appeal before it can step in. The captain must make the plea, and they must specify what they are requesting. It does not imply that there is a goal or that you must locate a foul of some sort.

“The captain must specify what constitutes a foul; if it is a foul, it is a foul; there is no bar. The referee and the VAR make this determination. It keeps VAR from stepping into every potential corner, perhaps one or two at a time.

“It puts an end to all of those. The drama would increase if you had 20 seconds to complete the appeal. It is available on screens and other similar media. It won’t be the place where every objective is examined.”

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