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These four Newcastle United additions would be great this summer.



It’s not long until the summer transfer market officially starts; on Friday, June 14, Premier League clubs may begin dealing for the upcoming season.

I’ve read a number of stories in the media about how certain clubs’ spending may be limited, with clubs need to sell before buying.

According to media speculation, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Manchester United, and even Arsenal have limited options this summer if you take the media’s word for it.

Transfer reports are mostly hypothetical guesses, and they are frequently regurgitated from other sources.

Certainly, when it comes to Newcastle United, I believe that at most 10% of media articles have substance. The most crucial aspect of NUFC recruitment for me is if the player in question is a natural fit for the club as a whole.

We have previously been associated with James Maddison and Lucas Paqueta, both very good players, but I believe they would not have been suitable fits for Newcastle United given the way we play under Eddie Howe. Those Premier League players are not known for performing well in high-pressure situations, have low energy, and do not fit the squad tactically.

Are they better individual midfielders than some of the players at the club? Yes, but this is not an individual-based game. It’s a team and squad game, thus balance is key. The top 11 individuals do not necessarily form the best team. The best team is one that functions and fits together well, similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle.

Lloyd Kelly may be on his way to St James’ Park, but he is not a player I would consider highly valued or capable of taking us to the next level, among other things. I believe he is a decent diverse player. There are better left backs and centre backs out there, and possibly even at the club, but I believe he is a fantastic fit for Eddie Howe. What matters is the correct match, not the names themselves.

Newcastle United is reportedly interested in midfielders Conor Gallagher and Morgan Gibbs-White. Which one do I believe is the better footballer? Gibbs-White. Which do I believe would be better for Eddie Howe? Conor Gallagher. Simply because I believe he would suit Eddie’s style of play and what he expects from his midfielders, both on and off the ball.

Do I want either of them? Not right now since I believe we already have enough alternatives in that area, and there are other parts of the team that I believe need to be addressed.

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