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Which English club is the most successful? The Red Devils and Liverpool are the two Premier League teams with the most trophies.



It’s well acknowledged that Sir Alex Ferguson succeeded in “knocking Liverpool off their perch,” but was it the only thing he accomplished in the league?

The great manager went from being 18-7 behind in the record books to 20-18 ahead until his 2013 retirement, winning a record 13 Premier League championships while dominating their rivals in the north west.

However, there has been a resurgence since then, with Liverpool winning one again in 2019–20, and others catching up as a result of United’s ten-year absence.

In the eleven years after Ferguson left, United has only won four major titles, while Manchester City, the “noisy neighbours,” have been in the lead.

In addition to Leicester winning the FA Cup and Premier League, Chelsea and Arsenal have also been winning a lot of trophies.

But in terms of the most decorated English sides, how do all those teams stack up? TalkSPORT is here to find out, though.

Although they weren’t a one-off, Blackburn is probably most remembered for being the Premier League winners in 1995, when they were led by Kenny Dalglish.

Rovers had previously won two titles, in 1912 and 1914, prior to the renaming of the top flight.

They gained most of their success at the turn of the century, and in addition to winning three FA Cups in a row from 1884 to 1886, they also added two more in 1891 and 1928.

Blackburn, who are now locked in the Championship, have seen more success recently than many others; they defeated Tottenham in the League Cup final in 2002 to win the title.

In 1995, Alan Shearer led Blackburn to victory and contributed to their inclusion on this list.

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